JALPA was born in 1971 by the first nineteen Jamaican pilots employed to Air Jamaica (1968) Limited.

Those “founder ” members were: Mark Royes, Lloyd Tai, Patrick Cousins, Russell Beek, Robert Hamaty, Michael Feanny, Andrew Campbell, Anthony Bowyer, Churchill Bodden, Pete Nash, John Edwards, Frank Laing, David Brandt, David McRae, Cyril Farquharson, Carl Rhoden, Andre Awhee, Chris Sherlock and Anthony Myers.

The historical first Annual General Meeting was held on May 13, 1971 at 33 Norbrook Mews, Kingston 8. Presiding over the meeting was Patrick Cousins, and minutes were taken by Michael Feanny. The outcome of the meeting saw the first elected Executive members being, Patrick Cousins (President) and Michael Feanny (Secretary).

At this first Annual General Meeting (AGM), the “Draft Contract” (prepared by Captain Mark Royes and First Officer Russell Beek), the Association’s Constitution and By Laws, and the appointment of a Legal Advisor, Mr Anthony Levy were discussed.

This was the humble beginnings of the Jamaican Airline Pilots Association, and our continued success depends on our members unwavering support throughout these trying times that the entire airline industry in now facing.

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